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I awake
In bizarre indigo gardens.
Flowers with heads split wide
Screech imploringly to a glitter
black sky.

I wait for her,

The mother of claws and feathers.
The man she hunted,
A coppery dream lingering in her cheek.
A plasma love.
(all mine)
(to the bone)

In my chest, muscle stutters
in attempts to follow
the ticking pulse of the mirrored faces,
Darting from every peripheral glance.


I’ve come to her,
Her child with a field of face irrigated in aggravated tears.
To the mother of claws and feathers
I’ve brought my nightmares.
“Kill them,” I cry. “They know my name. They eat me alive.”

All fanged affection,
Pure jagged maternal love,
She is to the sky.
A soothing glint of murderous nurturing.

And the very last thing the demons will sing,
“Is that the soft beating of mighty wings?”

Organ Thief

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I own trauma shears

Black water organ cooler

Shrieking harpy mouth

Filled with razor lipped love

Give me

Give me

Give me


We can take the superfluous organs

And replace them with mirrors



Hollowed eyes to hold the peat

The secret mirrors reflecting back

Gardens full of clocks ticking

And wings beating



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Follows him home
A man with beautiful blood
That burns like autumn glory
Outside of his window
She licks her claws

A cold, cold talon
Caresses his cheek
Pulling the covers tighter
He turns his face into the pillow

There in the dark
Craned over his bed, lank tress
Veils barred jaws
That shine like love
Like love
But love does not sate hunger

She’ll eat him slowly
So that he knows he was loved
Right down to his burning blood
Licking the drenched sheet
Devoured to the bone

Incoherently but she’s sure
She can hear it
“I love you too”
It’s all subtext
After all

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