Oil and Orange



They finally replaced the picture
Now if I could only get them to take the painting down
I painted it when I was 16
17, irrelevant
I painted it in a psychiatric hospital
A memory I’d rather not look at over breakfast
I brought it home and they framed it
It’s sat there for 12 years
“How are you feeling?”

I have two pictures
In one you look so sad
it crushes me
In the other you’re laughing
These are my two favorite versions of you
Tired. You looked tired
not sad.
I want to touch your face
to feel the soul exhaustion there
I want my face against your neck
So that you know
you’re never truly alone

If I could paint you into the landscape
Maybe we would both be alright
If I could make your exhaustion
And my crushed soul
Then we could be
And then, at least
We would never be cold

~ by emberyn on December 22, 2013.

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