Day 14 – A reply to a dream

Edit: FFS WordPress you are killing me. My formatting keeps dying.


Are you attracted to me?

Because you’re stable

Like a frame.

I want to adorn you

With art hanging from your limbs.

Like paintings and drawings

And bits of string knotted.

I would give these things as gifts

In hope that they convey

An adoration that I can’t

Commit to words.

My words are all about pain and memory

and fear.

I don’t have the words for honest

Painless love.

Love outside of torturous

Unrequited longing.

Those are things that flare

They burn quickly.

They don’t smolder

But instead turn to paper ash.

Thin, and disposed of

With a breath.

I want your words,

The words for you

To be stronger.

I want them to be purple.


I want your gift of words to be

A vibrant living thing.

A presence in my absence.

Although you are familiar

I want to know you.

I want to explore you

In a way that is not conquest;

That is not vulgar.

I want to know what hollow

To leave warmth in.

I want to know where the darkness is

So that I can plant flowers

And fill it with light.

Not to bring the darkness to the surface

But to show that it is not demonic.

It’s just untilled soil.

I want to gather up all of these places

And put them into

My own hollows.

A void left open for someone else

To nestle into.

Because you are an adventure.

A surprise.

Normally surprises upset me

But you are gentle

And quiet.

Your surprise is inviting

And draws curiosity,


Rather than the terror and guilt

Surprises normally bring me.

Because I see how you could need me.

Outside of my selfish wants

I can see how I could make your world

A better place

With no desire to change you.

I can see how we align

In a way that is complementary.

It is not destructive.

It is not manipulative.

It is not ambitious.

Because these words were waiting for you.

They sat on a high shelf,

Far above all of the

Pain and fear and memory,

The easy access words.

The words for you

Were out of my reach

Just beyond my fingertips.

My gift to you is just as much

Your gift to me.

~ by emberyn on December 14, 2013.

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