Day 4: My Scary Dramatic Goth Poem

More writing from teenage me!

Oh, I am so dark!

Alone in the darkness that is dark.

And in this darkness, I think of you.

And how dark you are.

And how you owe me

Twelve dollars and fifty-six cents

Oh the pain and the agony of being alive!

And stubbing your toe

On the cat’s goddamn scratching post.

That dark cat.

And that dark scratching post of darkness.

Our love could have been eternal.

You know, if we were like…

Immortal or something.

And if you hadn’t run off

With that Latina school bus driver

And in my veins is darkness

And red blood cells, I think…

DARK red blood cells

Yes I renounce God for I am so dark.

And I hear you have to renounce God for this sort of thing.

Sorry, God. Fashion, what can I say?

Oh I am so filled with angst!

No wait…

Not angst.

Loaded spud potato chips.

~ by emberyn on December 4, 2013.

7 Responses to “Day 4: My Scary Dramatic Goth Poem”

  1. I’d take the chips over the dark any day, or night, you know because it’s dark at night.

  2. I really love this one! I enjoy the dark ones but I’m not goth just depressed

  3. Love the teen poetry! This could have been a Cure song: Dark and Full of Potato Chips

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